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SELNET clinical practice guidelines for soft tissue sarcoma and GIST

The Sarcoma European Latin-American Network (SELNET) aims to improve clinical outcome in sarcoma care, with a special focus in Latin- American countries.
These Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) have been agreed by a multidisciplinary group of the SELNET consortium, with representatives of all partner entities including patient’s advocacy groups (SPAEN).
These guidelines are conceived to provide the standard approach to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up in STS and GISTs in the Latin- American context.

The previous recommendations are based on evidence are supported by published medical peer-reviewed data. Hence, the recommendations should be considered ‘standard’ approaches, and were supported by the highest level of evidence. Several virtual meetings were held to elaborate a draft of the guidelines and an on-site consensus meeting was celebrated in Lyon (France).

Final version of the guidelines was circulated and agreed by all CPG working group members.
The levels of evidence and grades of recommendation have been followed and applied using the system presented in Table 2. For those recommendations hardly supported or non-supported by evidence, a multidisciplinary consensus was reached in accordance to professional expertise.

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SELNET clinical practice guidelines for soft tissue sarcoma and GIST nov 2021

SELNET clinical practice guidelines for soft tissue sarcoma and GIST, Cancer Treatment Reviews,Volume 102, 2022,102312, ISSN 0305-7372, (