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Mazabraud Syndrome Literature Review and Report of A Case Series

Dr. Ortiz Cruz,  coautor del artículo del caso clínico : Mazabraud’s Syndrome: Literature Review and Report of A Case Series.


Teodonno, Francesca; Barrientos-Ruiz, Irene; García Maya, Beatriz; Pozo- Kreilinger, Jose J; Moriel-Garceso, Diego J; Peleteiro-Pensado, Manuel; Dominguez Franjo, Purificación; Ortiz-Cruz,Eduardo J.


Mazabraud’s syndrome is a condition that combines fibrous dysplasia with of single or multiple intramuscular myxomas, which etiology remains relatively unknown.
We present three cases of this uncommon disease. All patients received marginal resection of their symptomatic myxomas, with histopathological confirmation of the lesions after surgery and followups
of more than one year.
Mazabraud’s syndrome corresponds to a very rare disease. The management of these patients should be focused on the treatment of symptoms and avoidance of complications. Fracture risk is
to be studied and treated if necessary.


This disease is probably underestimated. It’s important to report cases in order to advance in the knowledge of this syndrome.